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Kiki Air

Drone delivery service providing no-contact deliveries for small businesses.

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


Kiki Air is a drone delivery service. Users order through our app, and we deliver food, snacks and other convenience products in under 5 minutes, using a drone. We are FAA approved and environmentally friendly.

We have completed 150 flights at Yale, but we are shifting our mission to provide no-contact delivery of food and hygiene products to vulnerable communities. We aim to partner with local restaurants, starting in New Haven but scaling elsewhere, to help small restaurants continue doing business without violating social distancing. Our deliveries are free of charge.

How far along is it

We've completed 150 test flights at Yale and raised a small pre-seed round, but we are just now starting flights in New Haven in the Spring Glen area.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

In New Haven, we need help getting connected to people who need food and resources delivered to their homes. We also could use a rooftop to fly from near one of those communities. If you don't live in New Haven but your community needs no-contact delivery, please email us!

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We are three undergrads at Yale and one medical student at McGill.

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New Haven (or anywhere you might want to bring this service!)
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