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CoronaPore project

Short description


We are building a solid-state nanopore device that can count individual SARS-CoV-2 virions in diverse bodily fluids without reagents or a cold chain.

Who is already working on this

We're a YC-backed nanotech-for-biotech startup with four full-time employees currently, 3 of whom are cohabitating in quarantine with access to a prototype lab.

How far along it is

We are close to a manufacturable first prototype that we expect to be useful in detecting SARS-CoV-2 by June/July, with turnkey usability by the end of the summer.

Demo, mockups, or documentation

This shows some of our early data (from more than a year ago) as well as the first minute of our YC Demo day pitch.

How to get in touch
Tasks that need to get done

Please inquire for specific ways in which you can help. Founder has experience managing large teams of scientists and engineers, and if you have any of the relevant skills we can make good use of you.

Number of volunteers needed