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Protect your loved ones by sending anonymous location data. See your risk score based off your activity, and keep it low with guidance from the WHO. If you become infected, send an anonymous care message to those you've been in contact with.

How far along is it

Figma prototype is done. We have an MVP in progress. React Native mobile app that can collect anonymous location data; AWS serverless backend to store, correlate, and update your risk score. Working on getting the rest of the screens in the app and wiring.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Concurrently, we want to work on:
1. The risk scoring algorithm and
2. The anonymous/privacy guarantees
3. A very smooth UI that drives behavior
4. Growth!

1 & 2 Both require epidemiologists, bioinformatics researchers and engineers in privacy/cryptography all working together. There are some things that we can or can't do depending on the technology constraints, but we also need to move quickly, and may need to sacrifice perfect security.

We need a UI/UX designer and React Native/iOS/Android developer(s) to bring our prototypes and ideas to life.

We need growth hackers to help us drop into tight-knit communities and start saving lives *NOW*.

We also need guidance, sponsorship, partnership, and blessing from NGOs, Governments, and tech companies. If you know anyone who can audit our ideas, method, code, or help with marketing/messaging/funding, please let us know!

Project details

Who is already working on this

Volunteers mainly out of the EndCoronavirus Hackathon, with backgrounds in communications, product design, engineering and data.

How to get in touch
Once you email, we'll send a link to slack. Website coming soon!
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