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Help people donate to fight coronavirus by calculating money saved in quarantine (eg canceled dinners out, flights, or concerts)

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About the Project


We're all spending a lot less by not commuting, eating/drinking out, etc. We made to help people calculate what they're saving and donate it to people missing work, kids missing lunches, healthcare workers, vaccine researchers, etc.

How far along is it

We've just launched and are gaining traction (mentioned in Forbes and NYT newsletter).

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We have good systems in place but need help executing as there is a lot to get done! We're extremely grateful for the high number of volunteer offers we've received, but it means we only have capacity to work with people who can commit to 2+ hours a day.

Focus areas for volunteering include:

1) Sales/Outreach:
The primary thing we need help with is outreach. From tweeting at influencers and researching companies to emailing with charities and more, we've got a team of sales volunteers helping us reach out and get partnerships to launch campaigns. We've already gotten interest from VP of Live Nation, DJ Mick, Eventbrite, Jet Blue, and more. The more hands-on-deck here the better!

2) Website designers/developers:
If you've got UX background or have experience in Wordpress, we need your help! We're trying to build a high volume of Wordpress sites, and don't have the capacity to do it. If you've never used Wordpress before but have a UX background and are interested in learning, it's very easy to pick up - it's a drag and drop website builder. We'd love to hear from you.

3) React developers:
The web app processing the donations is programmed in React, and we have a lot of changes we'd like to make. But we don't have enough React developers to make them! So we'd absolutely love your help.

4) Senior designers:
If you have several years of design experience and can commit 2+ hours a day to this project, we would love to hear from you. Please send your portfolio! You'll join a strong team of designers doing

We're also always open to help on copywriting, digital marketing strategy, and more. If you're excited to help but don't fit an exact category from above, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Who is already working on this

The Momentum team ( and a quickly growing group of 40+ volunteers!

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