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Discovery platform (website, chatbot) to access verified information on covid-related services & help from the government

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One stop platform to access all covid-relates services provided by the government at all levels (national, state, district). Find covid related testing facilities, hospitals, helpline numbers, doctors on call, telemedicine, hunger help, emergency reporting, contact a field officer, obtain e-pass or curfew pass.

How far along is it

Released beta, and MVP version 1.
Working on the redesigns to improve UI-UX and added features.
Covered on national news - NDTV, The Hindu, The Indian Express.
Aired on AllIndiaRadio - English feature
In talks with State govt. task force - Karnataka.
Demo-ed at Coronathon, Hackthecrisis India and the global hack.
Team expanded from 5+ to 20+

Project target location

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Design - UI-UX designers to fasten our development cycle (convert plans to minimalistic designs keeping the whole of country as user)
Tech team - Frontend developers to power the discovery platform; Backend developers; Chatbot experience; Scheduling, booking, queueing expertise; We want to transition to a one-stop- platform to obtain all actionable information. The task is ambitious, we need more hands
Data - work with the data team to cover more districts, states
QA testing - ensure the verification, credibility of the data on our platform
Customer relation - build a mechanism to obtain feedback on the data on our platform
NGO outreach - work and reach out to NGOs to collaborate
Marketing - work with media, social media and other channels to reach tier 1,2,3 cities (our aim is to provide help where its needed the most)
Content - find ways how to communicate
Graphic designer - build quick sweet creatives to pass any updates, promotions and awareness on our product.

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Simran Soni; Akarsh Jalan; Eklavya Dahiya; Zeeshan, Tanmay Mundra, Manan, Avinash Sivan, Sujit Joshi; Samarth; Shanika; Dr. Vishesh, Aaron Abraham many more...

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Website -

Demo video (3mins)

Detailed Linkedin article to know more
Twitter thread

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