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Local restaurant food for Frontline healthcare workers

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


I'm raising funds to buy meals from local restaurants, and provide them for free to healthcare workers at Bay Area hospitals. Donors would also get to attach personal stories and notes to their donation that would also be (potentially electronically) provided to healthcare workers to show appreciation, particularly those who don't have any masks or other PPE to donate.

The goal is to try to both help local businesses replace some of their lost income, while allowing members of the community to show healthcare workers that they're in our hearts and minds. Plus a lot of these workers are working 12 hour shifts and eating cafeteria food breakfast, lunch, and dinner; a little love from the community will be a valuable morale boost.

If we can get this to work in the Bay Area I'd look to scale to other regions.

How far along is it

I've contacted the largest hospitals in the Bay Area and have gotten buy-in for the idea from some decision-makers at places like Santa Clara Valley Medical.

I've also talked to many local restaurants and it's clear that they're hurting and are enthusiastic for any support they can get.

I've also made a mock website and other planning materials (posted below). I expect that the relationships, website, donation page, and logistics could be figured out and ready to launch by the end of this week.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Figuring out the best way to solicit and receive donations, whether that's through FB fundraisers (, GoFundMe, or building a site with Stripe or other payment integrations.
- Logistics for getting meals to the right places, such as working with the small businesses to order and get the meals delivered
- Website and raising awareness for donations. The website can probably be low or no-code, but one problem that needs to be solved is how to connect the donation with the message a donor can leave.

Note that the base requirements for this project are not particularly technical, and is more business development / project management in nature. The only part that could get technical is related to payments.

Project details

Who is already working on this

I'm mainly leading this effort, but some people from my nonprofit, as well as from some FB groups that I'm part of may be joining in shortly.

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