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Automates the screening and assessment of a user’s health condition and their exposure to the novel coronavirus. Depending on the outcome of the initial automated SMS assessment, the platform determines the necessity of further testing for COVID-19 or self-quarantine, and directs the user to the nearest testing facility by geolocation data.
Additionally, the power of the platform lies in continual automated SMS messages with the user; both to manage the user’s self-quarantine period, and to notify medical teams of the user’s status, if escalated care is required.
All data will be encrypted and scrubbed so as to provide public health professionals with realtime data on the outbreak

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We need volunteers to use this assessment tool within their health network and we need anyone to send the website / service to their friends.

We also would need funding and would like to be connected to source for funding for approximately 3-6 weeks of development

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AE Studio
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