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Free online restaurant ordering service

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


Help restaurants survive the coronavirus pandemic with a free online ordering service.

Cash-only mom-n-pop places do not deliver. They are fundamentally incompatible with the credit-card systems of uber eats, grubhub, and seamless, and those services are too expensive anyway.

How far along is it

Brainstorming and planning

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Skills needed
PM Software
Tasks that need to get done

Research and Design

- Talk to restaurants and assess their needs and values
- Write down requirements for MVP


- AWS for database and CDN
- Options:
- AWS Serverless Application Model
- Python + Flask or Django
- Java + Spring Boot


- React and Redux front-end frameworks
- Typescript

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Who is already working on this

Me, a couple other software engineering friends, and a friend who works in the restaurant industry

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