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COVID19 Info Immunity

Volunteers building a full stack solution for #COVID19 #Infodemic management.

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About the Project


To solve the COVID19 Infodemic: We HELP professionals working on COVID19 response TO collaborate WITHOUT any coordination EVEN IF they don't know each other or speak the same language VIA an online platform with a self-generating, collective knowledge map of all online data and insights for the coronavirus.

How far along is it

The COVID19 Mapping project is in the early stages of building a full-stack COVID19 Infodemic Management solution. Our platform is in alpha and we are now building out the incomplete research module in collaboration with John Hopkins. We are also currently participating in the WHO Infodemic Management consultation process. We now need volunteers and building a campaign around responding the Infodemic. Our first initiative is an Infodemic Design Challenge.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Build content on the platform
Write content for social media
Social media
Public relations
Outreach to researchers, medical staff, journalists
Business development to find collaborators

Project details

Who is already working on this

Several team members are working on this project and we have recruited about 11 others for the core project team.

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