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Diaspora Doctors

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Telemedicine helping the medical diaspora to contribute to the Covid-19 response in their countries of birth by helping with remote consultation and alerting.

The response effort against Covid-19 requires having a good triaging, alerting, tracking and reporting system. Especially in underdeveloped countries with low ressource because it can help optimize the testing by funneling it to the right patients. Testing for Covid-19 is a limited ressource worldwide.

Using text or WhatsApp messages, local patients can connect with doctors in the diaspora for initial consultation if they show symptoms. Doctors can provide initial diagnostics and through the platform, we can alert, track potential cases and use Data and Analytics to provide precious information local authorities that can contribute to prevent the spread of the virus. Many doctors are living in countries where they cannot practice. They are an underused ressource in a time where they are critically needed.

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How far along is it

- Understanding Epidemiology responses to virus like covid-19
- Understanding how WHO, CDC, CPHA work when they send consultants in countries to help
- Scoping the limit of actions that we can take
- Started working on a website
- Researching the different diaspora associations for contact.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

- Building a web/mobile platform where doctors can sign up.
- Contacting doctors who want to volunteer for different countries and regions
- Contacting local authorities, private or public hospitals our doctors database countries of birth to offer our services and build partnerships

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Who is already working on this

Ntambwa Basambombo: FullStack Engineer at Airbnb
Nyandu Basambombo: Medical Epidemiologist who worked for CDC,WHO, CPHA advising on the project from a medical perspective.

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