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COVIDx - Crowdsourcing Wearable Data to Predict & Prevent COVID-19 Spread project

101 volunteers
Short description


Objective: Reduce the R0 to < 1 by October 1, 2020

We're trying to predict & prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections by:

1. Using wearables to detect variances in resting heart rate, sleep, & body temperature

Studies show that resting heart rate data & sleep quality measured from a Fitbit can predict influenza-like illnesses at the state level. We're extending these studies to detect COVID-19.

2. Crowdsourcing self-reported symptom checks

Along with passive, synchronous, and physiological data analysis, we're crowdsourcing self-reported symptom checks. Daily check-ins can help understand where the greatest needs will be.

3. Gamifying self-quarantine, isolation, & social distancing protocols

Let's apply behavioral economics & gamification techniques that incentivize people to follow the best protocols for their situation. We can have leaderboards for the most time stayed at home, mint cryptocurrency for daily check-ins, etc. Let's make it helpful, fun and less scary.

The end goal is to get ahead of the coronavirus infection and flatten the curve before our healthcare system collapses.

Who is already working on this

Brennen Hodge, CEO of Citizen Health (

Megan Janas, COO of Citizen health (

James Cunningham, Ph.D., CSO of Citizen Health (

Nabyl Bennouri, Advisor for Citizen Health (

Feedback from multiple doctors.

How far along it is

We already have an open source app in the iOS & Android app stores that connects to wearables and tracks steps, sleep, and activity. See (

We've built a scientific/medical community here that can help test:

This app is being donated to the COVID-19 crisis efforts. Let's build on it.

Demo, mockups, or documentation

Our Trello board:

Overview Loom video:

COVIDx stack:

Frontend: React
Backend: Python
Servers: AWS, Google Firebase
Blockchain: Ethereum

Project status
In progress
Tasks that need to get done

First, we need a lead developer to manage GitHub, Firebase, and other parts of the stack.

Analyze heart rate, sleep, temperature, and self-reported data to find insight into COVID-19 spreading.

Help with a decentralized identity solution.

Optimize for mobile.

We need a marketing & social media person who wants to take this to millions of people.

Project managers are needed.

Legal advice.

Number of volunteers needed