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Build APIs around Corona Solutions project


Christian Umbach

399 volunteers
Short description


**We are on a mission to connect the dots.
A plan is underway to bridge information gaps that have been harming our ability to respond to the world-wide pandemic Covid-19. The information needed exists, the technology is capable. What's missing is the connection. An end-to-end global community of partners, contributors and supporters are joining forces to end silos and build a readily available stream of data to those who need it, when they need it.

**We are building the first Covid-19 data ecosystem
Many teams are building APIs around the globe. While that is helpful, more is truly needed. We are building a full circle data ecosystem where data owners, aggregators and users can easily share and access data across the world, covering multiple areas around cases, patient data and supplies. Combining a Cloud-based data lake and a set of open APIs, our crowdsourced project is aimed at unifying all current data gathering efforts around Covid-19, to help all the key stakeholders (hospitals, governments and manufacturers) make their critical life-saving decisions.

>> Think of this as a grassroots initiative to drive data transparency across covid19 across the globe!

Who is already working on this

400+ people across the globe.

How far along it is

85+ country specific channels on Slack with dedicated data sources (the goal is 190+)
API specs are developing nicely and we have started gathering detailed country specific data.

Demo, mockups, or documentation

API specs are evolving here

Additionally, we are crowdsourcing country specific resources on our slack

Global / remote
Project status
Actively recruiting
Tasks that need to get done

Structuring data models for healthcare APIs (...we usually build APIs for the transport and mobility space...)

Number of volunteers needed