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SafeSlot - Getting Essentials Safely During Crisis

SafeSlot is to enable store owners and their customers to practice business safely during crisis.

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About the Project


In these days of the crisis, one of the biggest problems is buying essentials - food and medicine. Wherever you go, there are big queues for stores or overcrowded stores. With less enforcement of social distancing, people are not confident about going to stores. Over that, a lot of stores are closed or operating for a lesser duration than normal.

Our solution to the above problems is to
- Evenly Spread Customer Visits at Different Times
- Provide Customers with correct and updated opening status and information
- Providing Customers with a Proof of Essential Travel (if any law enforcement agency asks for it)

Our app, SafeSlot helps in implementing these solutions. When user opens the app, they can see the nearest stores based on their location. We plan to divide the store timings into various time slots with a maximum cap of registrations based on the store/counter size and let users book the slot for their essential shopping. For the same, users can book a maximum of two slots per day for any store. We also have an option of DriveThru option in which users can upload their grocery list/doctor's prescription and stores can pack it by the time they arrive at the store. Hence, reducing the customer visit time to an average of 5 minutes.

How far along is it

We have completed a webapp -, wherein stores can register and customers can book timeslots for accessing the stores. Customers can also upload a list of items they want to buy in advance.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

To put it into use, we need mass adoption of this application. We need to approach governments, store owners, and public to make them aware of this solution. We need funds to operationalise it, run advertisements to the required audience.
Moreover, we need volunteers to help us build this solution quickly.
We need -
Graphic Designers
Business Development
Marketing Professionals
NodeJS Developer
ReactJS Developer

Project details

Who is already working on this

Akshay Nagpal - Big Data / Data Science
Shubham Jain - Full Stack Developer

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Non-profit (EIN: not US based)