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A secure swipe-based social app for building community and changing the world.

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germ is a swipe-based social platform for community organizing: meeting people with similar interests, helping folks who need it, and building community together. Core features will include personal profiles, a swipe-based stack of individuals and organizations (starting with businesses, community groups, and political campaigns), and secure in-app messaging.

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Starting with UX/UI design, then moving into software design. Please hit me up if you have specialties in mobile, mobile games, dating apps, secure messaging, or ELO ranking!

I have been emailing a lot of people with no follow-up, SO: if you want to join us, join the Covid Accelerator at and find us in #proj-germ. If I see you there, I know you mean it!

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Lead is Tessa Brown, literacy researcher, educator, & organizer based in SF, CA.
UX/UI with Tara Lin and Brett Duboff.
Incubated by Covid Accelerator.

How to get in touch or @tessalaprofessa on twitter or via Covid Accelerator
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