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Actively Recruiting Port Singapore's contact tracing app to the USA

Created 4 months ago
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About the Project


Privacy-conscious contact tracing app based on Singapore's open source app.

Currently, nobody in the US is doing contact tracing because we have too many cases to effectively trace. But in a month or so after the initial outbreak passes we'll want to start opening up the economy again as countries like China and Singapore have already done.

At that point, we'll need to double down on contact tracing. This project's goal is to have that infrastructure ready to go and widely distributed by the time we need it.

How far along is it

Getting the source code to the app and building the landing page.

Help Needed

Skills needed
Software Content
Tasks that need to get done

- Landing page
- Changes to adapt app for US market
- Contact CDC/local health orgs to collaborate
- Marketing/outreach

Project details

Who is already working on this

Kyle Corbitt and a few other team members at Y Combinator. Also in contact with the Trace Together team in Singapore and some COVID "influencers" on Twitter. Starting conversations with state/local governments.

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