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HUB - Private Network For Frontline Doctors

Created over 1 year ago
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A private domain based network for frontline doctors and medical teams to communicate, collaborate and share notes so they don’t have to depend on journals and emailing back n forth. The domain can have sub-domains based on region. So a doctor in Italy can share notes with a doctor in Germany or United States. All the users in the domain are approved by an admin before they can access any content. Already have iOS ready to deploy.
Will be adding domain level task management for group tasks and workflow apps to capture data in data fields like text, number, date, files etc.
Access can be requested here:

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iOS App Ready.

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Android and or web app in order to give access to more doctors and medical teams who don’t have an iOS device.

Nodejs, MongoDB, Java

If you know doctors who can use the tool like HUB and have an iOS device already, please spread the word by directing them to Thanks!

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Inam Haq

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