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AI finds potential COVID-19 drugs that can be used on humans immediately.

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AI company Gero has reviewed the existing drugs and other agents tested on humans and found potential coronavirus treatments. The list of found drugs has been released to initiate urgent clinical trials.

Gero, the leader in AI-driven drug discovery, has used its AI platform to identify the potential anti-COVID-19 agents that have been previously tested on humans. Six of them have been approved, three were withdrawn, and the other nine have been already tested in clinical trials. The emergency of the situation, as well as the legal and regulatory status of these agents, make it possible to start immediate clinical trials for most of the suggested drugs and collaborations.
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All calculations are finished. We have a list of drug candidates to move forward with according to the plan. (Ref. to What tasks need to get done?)

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Tasks that need to get done

1. In-vitro SARS-CoV-2 testing of drugs predicted to be effective against COVID-19.
2. Medical assessment of results of (1) and other available data regarding drugs shown to be effective
3. Gap analysis of available preclinical and clinical data to understand are any additional tests are needed before trying drugs in covid-19 patients.
4. Assessment how to purchase (if available) the selected drugs and transport into the country of clinical trial. (most likely US), if unavailable for purchase - manufacturing of drugs.
5. CRO and regulatory support for the trial
6. Selection of hospitals for clinical trial
7. Preparation and submission of IND documentation
8. Help to obtain funding for any part or for the entire project.
9. Funding

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Gero is a Singapore-based company that aims to discover new drugs targeting complex diseases using the next-generation artificial intelligence platform. Gero has managed to overcome limitations of the previous-generation AI by offering not just a correlation analysis of biological big data, but causative models built with the use of physics of complex dynamic systems in addition to advanced machine learning. The first time the capabilities of Gero approach have been showcased was for a such complex condition as ageing. The interventions designed by Gero AI have enabled life extension and rejuvenation of multiple species, including mammals, demonstrating unprecedented results for the entire field.

One of the recent Gero publications on drug repurposing in ageing using machine learning techniques has been just credited as the most popular paper in 2019 in the Nature Research Journal - Scientific Reports. In 2019, Gero has also been named one of the most prominent players of the Artificial Intelligence in the Life Extension Market along with Google and IBM.

The first Gero drug discovery project is in cancer supportive care targeting chemotherapy-induced frailty/accelerated ageing with further expansion into other ageing-related indications.

In aging project Gero works with top-tier academical institutions (Harvard Medical School, MIT, University of Edinburgh, National University of Singapore, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center etc.) to push forward research and develop therapeutics and extensively publishes results in peer-reviewed journals (list of publications Gero work is supported by serial pharmaceutical investors, IT and AI entrepreneurs with previous exits to Facebook and Google. Gero AI platform is currently extensively used for drug discovery, drug repurposing, and in clinical decision support system projects.
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