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Infrastructure Capacity Tracker

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Following the groundbreaking work of Vinay Gupta (Twitter: @leashless) on we are working on crowdsourcing information about critical infrastructure capacity. The first iteration of that is as important as it is simple: to crowdsource information about the capacity and utilization of hospital infrastructure in areas affected by Covid19, starting with New York City. This would aims to achieve two important goals: to inform the population about their risks as well as how to get help, and put pressure on local and national governments to improve infrastructure resilience. Starting with Covid19 epidemic, we see an opportunity to take this work much further, and aim at global mitigation of climate risks, and global disaster scenario analysis.

NON-PRODUCTION deployment here:

How far along is it

We are just starting. The prototype MVP website should be available within a few days.

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Design and development of the basic crowdsourcing website.

Technologies: Vue.js/Firebase

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The work is just beginning. Vinay Gupta will be acting as advisor. Aleksandr Bulkin (Twitter: @MrSumfing, Telegram: @bulkagrib) is the launch coordinator. Alex Ryvkin (London, UK) is the organizational and resource coordinator.

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Telegram: @bulkagrib
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