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Project Lockdown

Project Lockdown: Mapping the impact of NPIs on Human and Digital Rights

Created 4 months ago
50 Volunteers

About the Project


Project Lockdown provides an overview of COVID-19 NPIs (Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions) being enforced across the globe to help visualize the success of different pandemic response measures, monitor effects on Human and Digital Right, and clarify evaluation metrics.

How far along is it

We developed the Beta version during the EU vs Virus hackathon in late-April. As a result, we won second place for the "Protection of Citizens & Democracy" challenge.
Our immediate goal is to publicly launch the app and website.
Aside from working on the app itself, we are also developing relevant documentation and are working on social media/outreach and data analysis and interpretation.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Our immediate needs call for:

Technical Writers:
- document key processes for users and teams
- sync with coordinators to release documentation and other materials

Community Manager:
- develop internal community engagement and communications

Front-end developers (Preact/React, StoryBook):
- enabling a Report feature comparing different territories/data points
- enabling embedded maps for users

Back-end Developer
Mapbox Developer
Web Tester
Research Editors
Junior Editors
Translators- Arabic
Translator- Farsi
Help Desk Support
IT admin

Project details

Who is already working on this

We are currently made up:
- of 9 UX/UI designers,
- 5 front- and back-end developers,
- 2 data scientists, a communications team,
- 8 coordinators and a growing team of 30+ editors.

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How to get in touch
Email:; Telegram: @JFQueralt
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Organization status
Non-profit (EIN: Not US-based)