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We offer facilitated support and growth groups for mental health and wellbeing. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we are creating specific programs for people who are impacted in ways such as healthcare workers, parents, those with relationship struggles, those high-risk for COVID-19, etc. We also have a program available to people on a sliding scale basis.

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We've gathered some facilitators and are just trying to get the word out to participants!

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If you are a therapist, coach, educator, or other facilitator with experience working with groups, please reach out to Please also spread the word - we would love to help more folks! Anyone with an interest may be able to help so do reach out.

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Hillary Lin, MD is the founder of Curio. She is a primary and urgent care physician trained at Stanford and currently located in NYC. She has a background of working on several other digital health initiatives and ventures.

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