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A chatbot that helps people lobby their officials on public policy (e.g. masks/closures), find test sites, and get COVID-19 info.

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Resistbot is a multipurpose and multifunction chatbot. Right now it's the easiest way to lobby both federal and state officials who are currently crafting a legislative response to the pandemic. Our end goal is to give everyone a voice and able to fight for what they want to see, no matter what it is, from social distancing measures at the state level, to federal UBI stimulus, to no corporate bailouts, to more health care supplies, and more. We've also just built covid-19 specific functionality to inform users of a variety of important information for their home state.

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Resistbot has 5.8 million users. Your work here will help millions of people. You can see the volume of activity in real-time at

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We're primarily looking for engineers. Python, Kubernetes, AWS, NodeJS, Terraform, and Postgres are particularly important. Or if you're a health professional or someone with an idea for a chatbot application that doesn't exist, bring it to us, and we can probably make it happen.

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Resistbot is a mature non-profit with dozens of active volunteers working together in a Slack team. Learn more about us at

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