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Actively Recruiting - Self-assessment tool for Harris County and City of Houston

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COVID-19 self-assessment tool working directly with hospitals and public health authorities.

We are the official screening application for Harris County and the City of Houston. Processing about ~10k screenings per day (and rising).

Fort Bend County coming soon.

We are reaching out to hospitals and other counties as fast as we can to integrate with their testing workflows. Also talking with BARDA about potential federal involvement.

How far along is it

The site is live and under use! We are doing ~10k screenings per day for Harris County / City of Houston. More counties and hospitals coming online soon.

Help Needed

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We have need for help translating. The city has provided the official translations and we need help porting them into our dictionary files.

Basically: we need people who 1) speak a language and 2) know how to use git.

We have set up an open source repo for this effort:

Project details

Who is already working on this

Luminare ( is a startup out of the Texas Medical Center (Houston, TX). Our "bread and butter" product is a Sepsis screening application for hospitals. When COVID-19 hit we decided to switch gears and build something to help the community. Our CEO is a physician who previously worked during the 2002 SARS outbreak, so he is familiar with the dynamics of what is happening right now in the healthcare system.

Microsoft Azure is involved and providing hosting resources as well as development support from Cognitect.

How to get in touch
Any method works. We plan to coordinate through the translations repo linked above.
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Remote is great. Most of the team is located in Houston, TX
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Not specified