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Eliminate contact transmission with mandatory, reusable virucidal gloves

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In the current situation with Covid-19, it has become difficult for people to buy hand cleansers and multiple gloves to carry along with them. Thus, when shopping and conducting other daily activities, there is a high probability that their hands will come into contact with a virus laden surface. To resolve this situation, I invite you to view links (below) which my casual research uncovered. As you will see, they discuss the invention by various entities of permanent or semi-permanent coatings or paints for use on various items (handrails, medical equipment, etc.), which can essentially kill viruses on contact. I am sure that other coatings of a similar nature exist.
My idea reverses the intent of the invented coatings. They were all designed to coat surfaces which people would likely touch with a bare (or even gloved) hand. It would be practically impossible to go around right now and retrofit all touchable surfaces with these coatings. So, why not put the coatings on the hands of the "touchers?"
Just imagine if a virus-killing coating could be applied to a multi-use, durable “glove” which a person could attach to a hook on a belt for easy access on their daily routine. In whatever design is chosen, the virus-killing coating would at least be on the palmar surface (the entire surface would be ideal). Although people should avoid touching the outer surface of standard gloves once they have been used in the public realm, they are not always be able to follow this dictate and the entire purpose for wearing the gloves (no personal contact) is defeated. Also, they often wear gloves all day long, potentially transferring a virus from one location to another. However, in the proposed glove with the special coating, since any virus that got onto its surface would had almost assuredly been killed in short order by the surface's coating, the overall risk for any transmission to the user by accidental touching would be minimal. Such gloves would also result in a greatly reduced virus spread from and between surfaces, such as: gasoline pump handles; door handles; scanners; keypads; pens; counter tops; tables; etc. For example, if a person with one of these gloves grabs a gasoline pump handle, a virus on the handle could get on the glove. There it would be killed in short order. When the person then goes to a big box store and uses a scanner, he will not transmit any live virus which may have hitched a ride from the gas pump handle. And so on. In contrast, if a person used traditional (and now rare) latex gloves; we could not rely upon them to remove and replace the gloves after performing various tasks as discussed in the preceding. They would accidentally end up contaminating various objects, and themselves, without realizing it.
In essence, this concept eliminates the need to change gloves constantly or change gloves in a precise manner to prevent contact transmission. The virus-killing surface effectively assumes that responsibility. This is not meant to interfere with the current gloving procedures in medical facilities.
To be effective, gloves would need to be mass produced and made available to everyone, for free. Furthermore, businesses, schools, etc. would need to deny access to anyone who is not wearing these gloves. Yes, that would be a massive endeavor, but the country cannot remain shut down forever.
Ultimately, this idea would require someone to coordinate with the national government.
Here are the links:!divAbstract!divAbstract

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I have just created a rough outline of the concept and tried to get numerous Governmental authorities (and some NGO's) to investigate the potential.

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It's simple: simply notify government and NGO officials at all levels of the concept and urge that they investigate it, at the minimum. Even better, if you personally know someone who has the ear of such officials, ask that they broach this concept with them.

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Robert Mitchell (the creator). Nobody else at the time of this writing as far as I can tell.

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