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goodhang ( // IG: @good_hang) takes the virtual happy hours everyone's having and leverages them to support local restaurants and bars during this catastrophic economic hit.

How goodhang works:
// Users choose a venue (we choose venues based on ones that sell giftcards and/or have a GoFundMe page set up)
// Users set up a Hang and invite their crew (during this users can set a suggested per person "tab" which is the amount they'd like their guests to contribute to the venue - all donations are optional)
// Users invite guests, and encourage them to donate or buy a giftcard
// Users connect with their crew and, if they want, share their Hang

goodhang doesn’t cost anything to users or venues, and 100% of all donations go directly to venues. If you want to maximize the impact of goodhang on your business, we’ve included a few ideas below.

How far along is it

We built this in about 4 days and launched a beta on Monday, 3/23. We have been iterating and adding cities, but need support to generate reach and, in turn, scale impact.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need support in:
- Adding venues and cities
- Marketing and building a user base
- Adding new features

Project details

Who is already working on this

Jack is a New York-based product and design studio. At our core, Jack's mission is to create technology that delivers on a human need, and we were feeling that the need for connection and support was stronger than ever. We built goodhang as a 100% pro-bono, self-funded project. We do not take any % of any donation made using goodhang and do not generate advertising revenue.

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