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UC4 Disease Preparedness Subcommittee

Created over 1 year ago
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In order to make progress on the most urgent matter consuming our lives at this time, the US-China Common Concern Committee (UC4) ( is looking to create our first Disease Preparedness Subcommittee with talented students & professionals in any fields which might be of assistance to the COVID-19 (and the prevention of future pandemics).

With this in mind, the best way you can help is to share this Slack group invite ( to anyone who might be able to lend a helpful voice to a discussion that we hope will give birth to many new ideas, and create real change on the ground.

The overall purpose behind this NGO is to bring talented students, researchers, and professionals from the world's top-two economies together for common goals at a time of increased geopolitical acrimony. Disease prevention is one of these critical areas of cooperation.

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We've brought people together so far, and wish to widen the net!

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We're simply creating a discussion at this stage, where bright minds can come together and share brainpower toward the common cause of beating COVID-19 through innovation and science. Just come and share big, bold ideas!

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It grew out of the Cornell community, and also is sponsored by New York-based New Land Capital, a Sino-American private equity firm.

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