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Stealthify (Stealth mode when the game just got real)

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Created 4 months ago
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Stealth.ify is an app that uses geospatial technology and predictive analytics to create fencing and levels of contracting the virus based on someone’s location; connecting real-time foot traffic data of stores/supermarkets to prevent crowdedness in an effort to adhere to social distancing. Interactive map features and push notifications to alert user when they have reached a high risk area. Product updates in real time using predictive analytics to estimate the rate of spread.

We currently have a mock up and homepage ready to integrate. Need a solid development team to bring our app to life and work on additional features.

How far along is it

Building API to attach to live data sources
Plotting Interactive Map features
Mock up draft complete
Homepage ready to integrate

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Front End Developers , Backend Developers to build api's, data scientists for preditive analytics, marketers for "go to market" strategy. Need ASAP

Html, Django, javascript, react, AWS,

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Shannon Morales
Nikhil Agawal
Saumya Choudhary
Ram Sethuraman

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