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Peer Review Support Network (PRSN) COVID-19 Literature Review

Created over 1 year ago
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The acuity of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 requires the efforts of all able persons to contribute. At this time those who are in clinical medical positions spend much of their time caring for patients. The mass of information that has been written during this time, in regards to COVID-19, is difficult to decipher and time consuming for practitioners. Many papers are”pre-publish”, not yet peer-reviewed, and in some cases contradictory in medical direction. As such a need for mass review is indicated. Medical science literate individuals will be included by invitation to participate in this literature review.
1.Create a reliable information access point for clinicians.
2.Provide an organizational framework for the mass of information on COVID-19.
3.Organize team based readership by branch of medical sciences.
4.Provide a place for team discussion and collaboration.
5.Construct summary reports on papers, highlighting those of note.
6.Assess the efficacy of using pre-clinical medical students, and scientists for acute need of science literature reviews; for the possibility of future need use.
7.Support Humanity in effort of health

We have just been invited by the creators of "Inside The Boards Podcast", who routinely host the heads of Kaplan, Physeo, OnlineMedEd, etc; with a network reach of 4000k medical students and 130k physicians, to join their platform. They would like to scale it out to be ready to incorporate medical students from around the world in this effort. I am looking for immediate help in creating a webpage that can accommodate this. I am using Reddit in the interm.

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About to publish our pilot version within the next few days.Looking to launch for global input next week. ASAP

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Looking to coordinate a team to work on the web platform

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10-15 medical students

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