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Use Machine Learning To Flatten The Curve & Avoid Further Spread of COVID-19 / TeleMedicine , Temperature Monitoring, Virtual Collaboration

Developing innovative technology using machine learning to diagnose Covid-19 in early stage.

Created over 1 year ago
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We want to flatten the curve and avoid further spread of COVID-19 by using machine learning & augmented reality.

Health system can only provide services to 20% of COVID-19 patience due to shortage of workforce & high patients risk. We provide virtual tele-health for diagnostic Covid-19. By using machine learning, we enable patient to diagnostic Covid-19 in early stage only using their phone.

We aim to combine clinical need and available expertise across borders.

Any help will add values to accelerate the launch of our products & improve patient care.

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-Machine Learning & AI
-Designer for UI/UX
-Software developer

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My team and I have been working on this for few weeks along with volunteers. We have built great medical advisory board.

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