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HelpYourHighStreet: cash boost to help save UK independent shops

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***Front-end/Javascript developers wanted - please email***

*UK project to help independent stores save jobs by selling to customers*

The central economic challenge from COVID-19 is to avoid households' and businesses' temporary cash crunch turning into unemployment and bankruptcies. In the UK, most people work for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), who have limited online profile.

Governments have announced financial help for SMBs. Others have built projects to facilitate purchase of gift vouchers to help businesses' cash crunch.

HelpYourHighStreet links UK customers to a listing page of validated independent stores selling online -- art centres, bookstores, florists, caf├Ęs, hairdressers, restaurants, theatres and more. We are also starting to validate shops' commitments to keeping their workers on and continuing to pay wages. All of this is for free: we are a voluntary group from across the UK.

The end goal is to facilitate sufficient sales for such shops that they don't have to shut down and sack their workers. Many have sadly shut already. We are racing to help others avoid that outcome.

How far along is it

- Built a Wordpress landing page
- 200+ businesses validated and joined already
- Public launch on Monday 30th: strong traction, lots shop demand, outreach from politicians and news outlets
- Next: launching in a new city today (Day 2!), growing reach, improving tech

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

**KEY PRIORITY**- Frontend: working on an imminent website revamp, would love some frontend support!

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Current Stanford GSB and Oxford students, with background in FinTech and investing.

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