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Save our Farmers / Fishers / Ranchers

Created over 1 year ago
30 Volunteers

About the Project


Restaurant suppliers are losing a large majority of their business due to restaurants shuttering during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are starting to offer direct-to-consumer options. Let's build out the infrastructure for them to do this. We're going to start with highlighting providers in the Bay Area, allowing users to coordinate directly to schedule pickups and deliveries. We'll more towards providing more discovery and logistics features.

How far along is it

MVP will be complete by EOD Sunday, March 22nd
1. Landing page
2. Google maps integration
3. AirTable integration

Help Needed

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1. Airtable Integration
2. Outreach to farmers, ranchers and fishers in SF/Bay Area, Seattle, Texas
3. Any additional help with frontend, react/redux

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Cody Breene -- Ex-FB ML project manager, now software engineer. Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Express, Node
1 project manager, 1 private chef, 6+ software engineers, 1 designer

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Remote / SF
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