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ValueActs | Applying successful global solutions to local challenges.

We enable quick and effective implementation of global solutions to local challenges.

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About the Project


We promote what is working, and enable community leaders to match global solutions practices with available resources, for desired outcomes.

Over 120 million are anticipating the unfolding events and awaiting other's responses and actions.

Businesses, communities, and organizations, find themselves not knowing where to find crucial knowledge or resources, leaving them lacking the vital capabilities needed to respond in an effective and timely manner.

Struck by demands to act swiftly, many are left alone trying as best they can to respond. For the majority, this means carrying out practical here and now solutions, regardless of the long term effects.
Unfortunately, this results in the misuse of valuable time, resources and initiatives.

We are establishing an ecosystem around an abundance mindset that allows experts to extend their knowledge and best practices.
The goal being that businesses, organizations, and communities get their needs met while helping others along the way.
Together we grow and support each other.

We are here to resolve that by supporting and sharing global successful practices making it ready for quick and effective implementation locally for communities, businesses and social benefit for everyone.

We enable the best of all global initiatives/solutions, to be implemented at a local scale by community drivers utilizing community resources as well as local and global expertise.
Together we can reach outcomes that enrich each other, saving Resources, time and lives altogether.

Main objectives

Best use of Resources + Actionable Localized Solutions =
Aligned Outcomes with abundant use of resources and efforts.

Solutions: Taking what is working and building on it,
We achieve that through Systems and community drivers
sharing, mapping, and sourcing successful experiences,
Assisted with technology, visual mapping for value realization.

Resources: improve the use of what is available.
Saving development efforts, resources, mitigating risks
while acting fast and getting things done.

We do that by:
- Modeling and mapping promoted Global succeeding solutions/activities,
saving development efforts, resources, mitigating risks while acting fast and getting things done.

- Scaling operations and adjusting initiatives for
local communities to be ready for implementation in a timely manner.

Anyone is capable of sharing his resources, knowing how to utilize that at once it is the key to getting things done.

The project is instrumental in enriching communities, partners, and shareholders all included.
When you are willing to share the success We multiply that again and again for you and for others.

Thanks in advance for checking this out! If this is interesting to you, or would you want to learn more about what we are co-creating or you know how you can put your sources in use, and benefit.
We’d love to work together!

And don't worry if you have ideas that sound challenging to everyone except you... we’ll get along great!

Stay safe everyone.

How far along is it

You can take initiative on many objectives,
influence shaping teams, systems, and organizations.

Communication Tools Currently Using:
- Telegram - join our news channel
- Zoom open call
- Trello
- Miro

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Sorting Data, Matching Operations, Locations.
Evaluating and Investing in Projects.
Aligning efforts for targeted outcomes.
Content writing and organizational skills.

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