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About the Project


Our volunteer platform matches volunteers with help requests.

We have already launched and helping London, UK Covid19 Mutual Aid Groups currently. We have a request for a lot of features that we could use the help volunteers. We have already had a great response to us listing in here.

We want to get some help actually managing the volunteers and social media/content creation strategy would be really helpful.

While we continue to build out the elements of the platform.

Areas we need help in:

-iOS & Android App Development (flutter)
-Content Creation/Blogging/Copy writing
-Twilio Integration

As the situation changes we are trying our best to meet the needs of covid-19 volunteers by giving them the right tools.

Our end goal is to help those in need and the volunteers to find each other easily and make a positive impact. We are looking to make a global impact, come join us and be a part of the volunteering revolution.

How far along is it

The site is live right now. We are already helping local communities in UK

Project target location

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Content Creation,
Explainer Video/Art work
Community Outreach
Creating a mobile app,
Twilio Integration
Data Upload,

Project details

Who is already working on this

A team of developers, marketers, bloggers have already built a lot of the backlog items. We are using the latest in dev/collab tools to give you a truely remote working environment. A lot to give and learn from others already on the team.

Helpful links
How to get in touch
Slack, Email, Discord
Number of volunteers needed
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Organization status
Non-profit (EIN: not US based)