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Pandemic Volunteers – You can save lives!

Mobilize millions of volunteers globally to join the fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics.

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About the Project


We are going to mobilize millions of people to join the global fight against COVID-19.

When layman people are asked to volunteer for helping the fight against COVID-19, they show up in large numbers as evidenced in the UK and other countries. On the other hand, these volunteers do not show up before being subject to a clear call.

In most of the world there are no organizations using volunteers to directly response to the pandemic. We will be that one.

We will create a catchy volunteering initiative that people will take pride to carry its armband or even retweet on Twitter. Being shared on social media platforms heavily, we will register millions of volunteers and save thousands of lives.

These volunteers will be primarily forming local groups through their friends or other applicants from the same neighbors. They will have our guidelines on many subjects as well as the support of our coordination crews.

How far along is it

Volunteers, hospitals and partners could sign up. Our MVP is complete but we're always improving.

We match volunteers to hospitals and partners whenever possible. In case there's no suitable match, our volunteers will have guidelines on how to start helping.

Currently partnering with mutual aid groups and volunteering organizations in NYC. We need to get many applications from New Yorkers as soon as possible.

We need help on preparing the guidelines so that we could operate without partners as soon as possible.

Finally, below is the breakdown of our volunteering applications we collected through as of 10 April 23:59 GMT.

110 applications from 21 countries:
* United States: 42
* India: 14
* United Kingdom: 11
* Canada: 7
* Germany: 5
* Brazil: 5
* Romania: 4
* Nigeria: 4
* Turkey: 2
* Australia: 2
* Portugal: 2
* France: 2
* Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 2
* Netherlands: 1
* Argentina: 1
* Belgium: 1
* Kenya: 1
* Bahrain: 1
* Spain: 1
* Senegal: 1
* Egypt: 1

United States
42 applications from 13 states:
* California: 14
* New York: 8
* Texas: 4
* North Carolina: 3
* Colorado: 2
* Washington: 2
* New Hampshire: 1
* Vermont: 1
* District of Columbia: 1
* Maryland: 1
* Rhode Island: 1
* Georgia: 1
* New Jersey: 1
* n/a: 2

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need marketing, social media and branding experts.

If you have experience on viral marketing, look no further. This is the project that needs you.

Here are a few other roles you could help with:
* Recruiting teammates for the core team.
* -> Learn more:
* Reach out to volunteering organizations, hospitals and institutions for partnership.
* -> Learn more:
* Creating various guidelines for our volunteers such as how to communicate to the elderly to how to disinfect PPEs.
* -> Learn more:
* Manage our rapidly growing team and make sure that everyone is working productively and making an impact. We are in HYPERGROWTH!

We also need help on all the topics below:

Project details

Who is already working on this

We're a team of around 10 senior entrepreneurs, software engineers, UX designers, communication experts and more. We even have a teaching Professor in the team!

We are in COVID Accelerator, a San Francisco based accelerator for startups and NGOs founded in response to the current pandemic.

We are part of Helpful Engineering, a community of 16,000+ trying to respond to the crisis with various projects.

Helpful links

Source code:

A great outreach on Twitter is really important for our mission. Even if you could not volunteer, a follow and a retweet goes a long way.

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