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We recore the real experiences during COVID-19. Link them, and produce a collective understanding to combat coronavirus.

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About the Project

Description is a mutual support platform where households staying at home with either confirmed infection or possible infection can publicize personal experiences and help needed. Drawing on others' experiences and help, these covid-19 patients at home can effectively mitigate their anxiety and difficulties, without burdening the already overloaded public health system. Furthermore, with large enough number of self-reporting data points, a real-time map showing infection of the local community and where help is needed can be generated. will become a platform enabling every community to stand together to help infected patients staying at home and combat Covid-19.

How far along is it

Our early-stage working product is ready to lauch on April 2nd or 3rd.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

1. We need people who understand well about Data Privacy Policy such as GDPR.

2. We need marketing experts and creative brains to help us come up more fun ways to engage people, launch online campaigns to spread the words, and operate our social media accounts.

3. We need community outreach people to help us build collaboration with organizations in different communities (in any parts of the world).

4. We need content editor or creative writiers.

5. We need more programmers to help us deveope the web app. Ideal language or skills include ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, UI Design, Google Maps API. etc.

Project details

Who is already working on this

This project was born out of a community initiative -- an Entrepreneurs community '32' in Cambridge, UK. Currently our core team are graduates from Cambridge and tech people living in Cambridge. We welcome volunteers from worldwide to join us.

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