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Main Goal
Design, Build, Validate and Supply a reliable Ventilation Medical Equipment for people/regions/countries in dificult economical situations with a component and mechanical agnostic philosophy. (That's is why we didn't continued putting efforts on the projects being developed by other teams who have a different society and economical reality)

The equipment must have as few industrial parts as possible. If necessary, industrial parts must be easily accessible, even in small towns and villages.

The equipment should be built independent of the main motor or the ventilation tool (AmbuBag, Bellow etc) to increase modularity of the parts and resources

The equipment can be built with as few tools as possible, and even with the use of scrap to facilitate access to materials.

Thechnical features are still being decided, the ventilator has not being validated yet.

How far along is it

We are on the MARK II Version Would like to test this week

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Industrial Design
Neumatics Design
Electronic Engeneering
Software development
Medical Validation
Biomedical Sanitary Validation

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184 people on our Slack Channel

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