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Mental Health App for COVID Health Care Workers

App to help manage anxiety and depression for health care workers & first responders

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


Project: COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits for Health Care Workers: Supplying highly reliable antibody test-kits for health care workers & first responders

Update: Verboden x Labs has helped distribute more than 40,000 highly reliable and cost-effective COVID-19 Antibody Detection Test Kits to local hospitals and heath care clinics as a crucial part of the public health strategy. We thank all the volunteers that helped to make that possible!

Next: With a reliable supply of test kits in place, we are now focused on the mental health of the healthcare and front line workers. We want to continue to serve the community that is so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget to care for themselves.

Our goal is to create an app for doctors, nurses, and front line workers that recommends personalized mental health solutions optimized by user preferences and anonymized crowdsourced data.

We need your help with the following tasks:

1. AI and data science engineers to help write a crowdsourced matching algorithm
2. React Native/iOS/Android developers (front and back-end) to bring our designs to life
3. User researchers to create a user survey, user personas, conduct user interviews,
4. UX/UI designers to help create user flow, site map, wireframes, look and feel and usability testing
5. Business development managers to help forge strategic partnerships with
6. Graphic designer to create how-to infographics for website, social media and email campaigns

How far along is it

Currently vetting and recruiting Native/iOS/Android developers (front and back-end) and UX/UI designers

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

1. App: iOS/Android Native development (front/back end), Content dev (Animation, Motion Graphics), Security (App Security/Network Security Experts)
2. Content Development: Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Production/editing, Content Writing (Blog & Scientific)
3. Project Management
4. Community-building & Outreach
5. Website: Web Security

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Jena Min, founder of Verboden, a New York-based consumer health & wellness company that markets at-home DNA test kits for personalized nutritional products.

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Public benefit cooperative