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Mobile App & Website to Connect Helpers with Those who Need Help project


Amy Wilson

251 volunteers
Short description


Growing out of a new Facebook Group (How Can I Help?) based in Mill Valley, CA, we are rapidly building a mobile app (iOS/Android) and React website (all connected) to facilitate rapid connections between individuals who need help and individuals/local businesses who can help them.

We expect our time to market to be days not weeks. We want to support local businesses who need to connect with customers in new and creative ways in order to earn revenue and to support at-risk populations who need help while in self-quarantine.

Who is already working on this

Winistry is developing the app/ Amy Wilson, CEO of Winistry is leading the project along with Cecily Mak, who originated the Facebook Group and who separately, serves as Venture Partner at ConsenSys.

How far along it is

Progress to Date (3/22)
We're using the Winistry platform, so we have the logic, architecture, and server-side code ready to configure for both web and mobile. We've made a strawman mobile build. We've created wireframes and are in the process of building web pages and mobile screens (in Unity). We expect to launch an Alpha website 3/27 and an Alpha mobile app by 3/30.

Demo, mockups, or documentation

Not yet.

How to get in touch
Email us: - we also have a Slack workspace for people who come on board.
Tasks that need to get done

Tasks that Need to Be Done
Layout web pages in Webflow
Layout mobile app screens in Unity(2D)
Especially looking for people who know Unity
Create UI graphic assets
Additional UX design
Project Manager
Product Manager
Data security consulting

Number of volunteers needed
Skills needed
PM Software