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Mobile App & Website to Connect Helpers with Those who Need Help

Connecting volunteers with those who need help nearby.

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About the Project


Growing out of a new Facebook Group (How Can I Help?) based in Mill Valley, CA, we've built a React website and are working on a mobile app (iOS/Android) (all connected) to facilitate rapid connections between individuals who need help and individuals/local businesses who can help them.

The website is live and connections are being made. Additional features will enhance the site's capability even more. As businesses reopen, we want to support them and help them connect with customers in new and creative ways in order to earn revenue.

How far along is it

Progress to Date (5/8)
The website is live at We are in communication with local municipalities about supporting their work with their volunteer teams as well. The mobile app (in Unity) is under development.

Help Needed

Skills needed
Software PM
Tasks that need to get done

Tasks that Need to Be Done
Layout mobile app screens in Unity(2D)
Especially looking for people who know Unity
Create UI graphic assets
Additional UX design
Project Manager
Product Manager
Data security consulting

Project details

Who is already working on this

Winistry is developing the app/ Amy Wilson, CEO of Winistry is leading the project along with Cecily Mak, who originated the Facebook Group.

How to get in touch
Email us: - we also have a Slack workspace for people who come on board.
Number of volunteers needed
Preferred Volunteer location
Organization status
Non-profit (EIN: in process - just applied)