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Crowd Alerts ( - Social Distancing like a Pro

An app that will tell you how crowded a place is real-time.

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To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, everyone should apply good social distancing techniques. The problem is that you still need to go out once in a while to buy groceries or get supplies. How do you know how crowded it is at a particular location? That's where Crowd Alerts comes in. Using Crowd Alerts, a user can find out how crowded a place is BEFORE heading towards that place.

How far along is it

We've created a beta release, and are requesting more funding through Kickstarter.

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Tasks that need to get done

Funding for servers. Access to realtime APIs that count number of people at a location. Backend development, Android development.

Product management, marketing, content writing.

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I am working on this with a designer, and a couple of developers.

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