About the Project


It is a flutter based application (both Android and iOS), to track paths of everyone from last 30_45 days, with different indicators of those affected with Corona will be approved by respective doctors, So just to know who or when have you crossed paths with anyone affected. It will be really helpful if we do not find the cure soon enough but decide to resume few services after this short span of 21 days. Also, it has a few other features, but those can be updated as we move along.

How far along is it

I have worked on the product path, basic layout and developed a current location tracker gps feature and working along further.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Updating google maps inside of app with polylines, to make paths visible,
Login and sophisticated sign up, that would help us track a little bit of medical history, with five different login types (everyone, doctors, influencer(s), editors and admins)
Getting current location based on cellular networks, and enhancing using bluetooth.
All the above for first phase.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Currently its just me.

Number of volunteers needed
Preferred Volunteer location
Organization status
Not specified