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Digital Gift Card Platform to support local businesses

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Community members concerned about the survival of their favorite small businesses amidst the coronavirus crisis can show their support, and offset lost revenue, by purchasing digital gift cards on the mobile app GYDO | Get Your Drink On.

GYDO is a gifting platform designed to digitize the age old concept of buying a friend a drink. Drinks purchased on the GYDO app function like a digital gift certificate to a specific venue. In an effort to support local businesses in this time of uncertainty, GYDO has modified its existing platform to offer custom gift cards to participating venues. The gift cards can be redeemed once venues reopen, and in most cases, businesses receive the funds immediately. The recipient of the gift card does not need to be a GYDO app user. Individuals can select to buy a gift card for themselves or for a friend.

GYDO is free for businesses to use. We do not charge a fee, nor do we take percentage.

With GYDO, anyone, anywhere in the world, can buy a gift card at a participating venue, from the comfort of their own home.

How far along is it

We released the app in November 2019 on the App Store, and on Andriod in February 2020. We have shown proof of concept by attracting 400 early users and have 20 venues in California, and 2 in South Africa. With the recent closures of venues due to controlling the spread of COVID-19, we decided to modify our platform on focus on gift cards to help offset the lost revenues for local businesses.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are looking for people with experience in social media marketing (preferably using unpaid techniques) , PR, content creator for website and SEO.

If you are a social media influencer or would like to be a ambassadors to help get the word out on social media, you are welcome to volunteer.

Also, people who have a background with Wineries and Breweries that can help us get the word out to businesses that they can use our platform to sell gift cards to their venue at no cost

Fund raising - we were in the midst of starting fund raising when COVID happened. We have 0$ as we are a start up and have not raised any funds yet. We have funded GYDO out of our own pockets at this point. If you are an investor or have experience in acquiring funding, we can use your help.

We are also looking to create a fundraising campaign to help support the servers and bartenders who have lot their jobs as a result. If you have experience in fundraising and you want to help us design and execute this fundraiser, we want to hear from you.

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We are currently a team of 4 founders, and one programmer. We are passionate about supporting local wineries and breweries and connecting friends

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