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Virtual homework supervision to help overwhelmed parents while school is closed

Trade off hosting virtual homework sessions for other parents from your child's class

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About the Project


With elementary schools suddenly closed for the rest of the year, parents are struggling to balance work, caring for others and the sudden responsibility for keeping their children educated and on track for school.

Our project is a web app that helps parents trade off supervising different subjects using video chat so that when another parent is on duty, they can work from home or care for other family members.

If a parent can't get dedicated time to work, their job is (more) at risk. If they don't have dedicated time to school their children, their child's education is at risk.

How it works:
1) Parents sign up for free and create a private group for the other parents from their child's class at school
2) They add their availability and which subjects they can cover each day
3) They can browse other availabilities in the "available sessions" feed and send booking requests to each other for sessions

How far along is it

We launched a v.1 of the homework webapp and have been getting signups slowly.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Email copywriting
Partnerships with organizations that can promote
Pro bono PR & media relations
Influencer outreach
Digital content creation

Design updates based off user feedback
Dev updates based off user feedback (stack is Rails/Javascript/HTML/CSS)

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2 co-founders
Contract engineer

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