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Eden - a new education

Project-based learning platform

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About the Project


With schools shut down and parents scrambling for educational keep their children learning, many kids, especially low-resource ones, are falling behind.

We're seeing the inherent weaknesses in the educational system where without the supervision of adults, children just aren't motivated to learn.

What if we built an environment where kids pursue their passions to show mastery over material, explore their creativity, and build stronger social bonds with their friends?

We're building a personalized, low-cost platform for passion-based learning. Educators create and share projects that are assigned to students.

There is a ton of free projects available content online, but it is not curated and personalizable and requires a lot of teacher time to manage. On our platform, parents enter the age, interests, and language skills and we build a tailored project for their kids. They can also create and share their projects with others.

2) CAN WE SOLVE CURATION & SUPERVISION? Yes. When kids are passionate about a project or problem, they require much less supervision. We add gamification so that course material is mastered at each stage.

3) LOW-RESOURCE PARENTS AND KIDS WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. 1 billion kids are out of school. We are facing a critical widening of the educational gap; high-resource parents will be able to provide a rich learning environment at home but low-resource parents (low income, dual working parents, no internet access) will struggle. We are super-focused on reaching such families.

How far along is it

UI/UX research - in progress
Building platform - in progress

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1) Design platform [complete]
2) Build it [in progress]
3) Reach out to low-resource families

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A brilliant team of engineers and UI/UX designers from around the world

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