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Help us buy 500,000 masks for nurses & doctors

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Do you want to join a fast moving tech team with 26 members that is using remote work tools like Figma/Discord and others to create a world class website and fundraise $25k for masks for doctors and nurses? Well then keep reading!

Doctors and nurses have already run out of PPE and are reusing masks or anything else available. Because of this, our front line medical staff are getting very sick.

Many already have the virus but are not getting tested. It’s essential we keep our medical community safe and healthy if we want to be safe and healthy. A surge will be coming soon and they need our help.

We are a community that is striving to help doctors, nurses & medical professionals get access to masks and protective equiptment during Covid-19.

We're working towards getting 250,000 masks in the hands of nurses and doctors. We've built a Google Spreadsheet ( with a list of mask suppliers and a list of hospitals that need help.

We're also working towards to create a frictionless vessel for people to donate masks to specific hospitals.

How far along is it

We have already ordered 196,000 masks and we plan on trying to hit at least 500k masks given to doctors and nurses on the front lines. Our team is composed of talented designers, developers and product managers from Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are working on:

- Fundraising $25k
- Working with a team of mask ordering specialists to purchase 500,000 masks

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We're a team of over 26 members!

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