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Get Tested COVID-19 - Help Us Build a Database of US Testing Centers

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About the Project


As COVID-19 spreads rapidly through the USA and the world, community testing centers are springing up across the nation. We want to help make a database of testing centers across the US (currently doesn't exist). The goal is to make it easy for people to find their closest one and provide accurate information to every community — especially as more tests become available in the coming days and weeks. For us to achieve this goal, we need your help!

How far along is it

We have built the website and started collecting information on testing centers from across the US. At the moment we have sites for about 6 states. The data is difficult to find, which is why we are hoping to crowdsource the effort.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need help with data collection, social management, and outreach.

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Who is already working on this

Right now, we are a team of four, including a digital marketer, two developers, and a content writer. This project was spearheaded by one of the developers who runs a healthcare software business that works closely with Labs. He quickly noticed that a resource like this was missing and asked the rest of us to help.

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