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Privacy Preserving Counseling During Pedemic COVID-19 - ( PenEar )

Created 6 months ago
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About the Project


PenEar is an e-counselling matching app with technology that can offer services in a privacy-preserving way. E-Counselling platforms can be fast, acting near-real time and with an audio and video quality that makes comfort and therapy possible over distance. The introduction of simple AI to best match with ideal mentors, a privacy-preserving and distributed infrastructure, and easy and instant service UI will make interacting with counselling services straightforward and powerful.

The project aim to develop a privacy preserving E-Counseling platform which is:
1. Fasts and real time audio/video quality
2. AI to best match to ideal mentor
3. Privacy preserving and distributed
4. Easy and instant service to interact with
5. 24/7 Bot based IVR and screening
6. Meet local demographic need and best heuristic

This project is also participating in hacakthon at hackfromhome

How far along is it

The prototype mock up and functional design is ready. Need to start work asap.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Software Architecture, Development and Marketing and Testing.

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Specialist Team of Technology Specialist and Mental Heath Consultant

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whatsapp +60168047502 or email
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