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Volunteer Form Home for SupplyChain, Hospitals and Connecting Resources

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COVID-19 has brought an unforeseeable challenge to the medical industry supply chain, giving birth to new technologist to squeeze the spread, innovative tools to help under privileges privilege/most needed population and economic challenges in running and sustaining business. The idea is that we should not immediately replicate the closely related technology or practices and make them available locally in Pakistan. Global community is doing a lot of efforts and most of them are open source and free to adopt for humanitarian and non-profit causes. The project aims to identify, deploy, test and run initiative locally in Pakistan by connecting relevant stake holder.

How far along is it

Here is my compiled list of solution ready or semi ready to start with and in days or hrs make them available for wide scale adoption in Pakistan.
1. Covid-19 Contact Tracer project (, need ionic, php, cordova developer and testers to make i available in Pakistan
2. Healthcarestaff and educatedperson can volunteer form home (, Django, Python, postres and Twilio.
3. Donate Supply and help Hospitals Physical Goods (, ReactJS, Container, Javascript, Google Firebas and chatbots.
4. Research on domestic techniques to meet supply of medical protective equipment and also try best to order using drop-shipping or eCommerce.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

E-commerce expert to order supply, economist to predict the need of supply and demand, Wide range of technical volunteers working from home to develop, test and manage the operation and data entry on demand. Social media experts and humanitarian NGOs to drive the outreach campaign to targeted audience. We can extend the scope to other countries provided at least one of the volunteer is resident of that economy.

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Whole Pakistan is facing these problems and governments are also in challenging situation which may go bad in coming days so this project aim to reduce the burden on government and engage volunteer across Pakistan to start adopting innovative solution and make them quickly available in Pakistan to mitigate risk of COVID-19 effects in all possible way.

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