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Actively Recruiting : Community Sourced Delivery App for Vulnerable, Isolated and Quarantined

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About the Project


SLACK CHANEL: Sign up and it will be sent within 12-48 hours.

JS, Python, Django, SQL, Bootstrap, CSS,

*IDEA: Map-Based Website, Quarantined, Isolated or At-Risk people can ask for Help. People with little or no ability to get things themselves can ask for assistance from community members.
General UI: Map-Based Website using Google API
The Users:
The Helpers: Can enter in their information about where they are located and what they can help with. IE. Grocery pickup, Perscription pickup, Medical Supplies, Entertainment (DVD's, Books, Video games, Etc.), Phone Calls\ Video Calls To help with loneliness depression (Maybe even Psychiatrists etc.)
The Weakened(Need better Marketing): Can reach out for Help for Themselves OR on behalf of the Elderly or others in need. Reach out for Food, Medicine, Canned Goods, Entertainment, Company (Video and Phone Calls), Books, Diapers, Etc.
The Logic: Based on Geolocation of postal code and willingness to travel X km's away, The Helpers can pick and choose any tasks that the Weakened have requested. Once they confirm, work on the logic to either be a middle man OR let them communicate directly. Once the task is complete, Mark it as such and remove it from the general Queue.
The Outcome: Eliminate Dispair for those that may have Covid AND Potential Spread by eliminating the need to break isolation for essential goods. Coming together as a community to help those in need.
Team: 2 Programmers So Far, Both with toddlers and full-time jobs, so working in between as best we can.
(Please PM me to help out) Ideal language or skills, Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, UI Design, Google Maps API. etc.
I have a bunch of Skeleton code to help get started.
SMS for 2FA
Database connectivity
Database Searches and Consolidation.
Display Methods for Items in Queue
Could really use a hand with the following:
Flask \ Python Devs in general.
Google API Experience.
UI Design.
General Brainstorming, What am i not thinking of Everyone welcome.
Don't know where to go from here. It would be fine to take this to another channel and start a GIt. Or if anyone has improvements to the idea, or working on something similar I have no problem giving my code away and access to any resources I have (Azure Servers, Twilio Account, etc.)

How far along is it

The prototype is up, Pushing to a server now. (March 22)

Help Needed

Skills needed
Software Content
Tasks that need to get done

Python Coding
Ui Design
Boot Strap\Css
Community Interaction - Social workers, Municipal Community workers, Health workers, etc.

Project details

Who is already working on this

we are at about 7-8 that are putting in the bulk of the work.

Working on splitting tasks out more granular for individuals to pitch in.

2-3 Python Programmers
1-2 IT Admins
2-3 UI
1-5 Community people (shared roles, could always use more problem solvers here)

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