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Low-cost Negative Pressure Ventilator

Created over 1 year ago
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An affordable at-home pro-active biphasic cuirass ventilation device gives patients a chance to recover from the worst symptoms of Covid-19 infection when these patients are otherwise triaged away from hospital care and Positive Pressure Ventilators.

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Initial prototype housing has been built and preliminary negative pressure test successful.

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(1) Need medical mentor familiar with negative pressure ventilation device options for reality check toward the implementation of our assumptions. Read "Questions" at bottom of (2) Need experienced coders to add certain sensors to prototype that in one case give Arduino a control negative pressure vacuum.

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Steve Bull: Project lead, maker, contractor with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) smart device application startup. I am also an inventor holding patents in various fields.
Jerry Svoboda: CAD designer, model-maker and prototype rigger
Geoff Binns-Calvey: Prototype builder and special effects designer.

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