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HospitalHero (formerly Feed a Doc)

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Healthcare workers need our support to fight COVID-19. HospitalHero is an online platform that makes it easy for hospital workers to make requests for essential needs like meals, lodging, and medical supplies—and for volunteers to respond.

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HospitalHero is now live at

We are currently collecting user feedback, making UX improvements, and planning our product roadmap. Our site is built on Rails + React + GraphQL + Apollo + MaterialUI.

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Our greatest current needs include PR, social media marketing, customer support, and community outreach to hospitals and managers. Strong software developers are always welcome, too.

We welcome introductions to potential funders and healthcare partners to accelerate our roadmap.

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We have a strong core team of 8 software engineers, designers, and product managers and many more occasional contributors. We are incubated by COVID Accelerator ( and are backed by 1517 Fund (

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Demo video:
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