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About the Project


COVID-19 has meant global disruption and catastrophic job losses, but we've seen a huge swell of people offering their skills to help others.

Imagine a place where:

1. Anyone can develop technical skills through live remote upskilling sessions, training, coding 101s, courses or coaching with other software engineers.​

2. Software engineers can make a huge impact globally, passing on their skills and experience to others.​

3. Access is totally free. For everyone.

It doesn't exist just yet - but with your help, it will.

We want to bring together a global team of elite engineers to build a platform where people can learn technicals skills in live interactive formats; run by software engineers, for software engineers.

If you want to get involved there are three things you should know:

1. We want to work fast. We want to build a platform that will help people - NOW.

2. We don't have all the answers. We don't know all the questions. But we do know there are tens of thousands of people willing to help others, and millions ready to learn, all around the world.

3. We can't pay you. Right now, there's no reward other than giving something back while working (and learning) with other amazing engineers. That might change in the future, but right now, we think that's pretty cool.

That's it. We hope you'll join us.

How far along is it

We're right at the beginning of this journey.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Everything to get us live as soon as possible.
Thoughts on MVP features are;

For those offering time to run training/coach/coding 101s:
- Ability to create 'events' including descriptions, time, date, duration etc.
- Ability to add simple joining details

For those looking to learn:
- Ability to create search events
- Ability to sign up

Homepage including
- Introduction
- Counter of number of hours offered to train
- Counter of number of people upskilled (no. of signups)

Project details

Who is already working on this

An army of one.

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How to get in touch
If you're interested, get in touch at and we'll be in contact by the end of the week (Sunday 5th April).
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